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Inspiration Dedication – Extra entry…

So many of our Inspiration Dedications over the past week have mentioned the awesome community we have at WWWUK. There’s a reason that the community within Wonder Woman is so strong (no pun intended) and that’s down to Suzie’s perseverance and hard work. It’s her influence over others that makes Suzie a natural choice for an inspirational woman in sport.


It’s the community that Suzie has created that voted she be the inspiration dedication for today… Because who better than the person who inspires so many on a weekly basis to press, squat, lunge, sprint and burpee more than they ever thought they would or could.

So many members wanted to tell me why they think Suzie is so amazing, and there wasn’t one person who didn’t use the words ‘inspiring’ ‘encouraging’ or ‘dedicated’. But I think Matty managed to sum up what everyone was trying to say – “Suzie is the extra shit in my coffee”!

Suzanne – you are definitely the extra ‘shit’ in all of our coffees,

Kirsty, Beth, Daisy and all of the WWWUK community x

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