Wonder Woman of the month – Sally Baker

Name: Sally Baker

Occupation: Therapist & writer

Name of business: Working on the Body

Whats your mission statement: To help facilitate change with clients ready to let go, and move on.

Who are the key people within your business: My co-writer, professional colleague, and best girlfriend, Liz Hogon in Melbourne, Australia. Tim Phizackerley, the British creator of Percussive Suggestion Technique – one of the most amazing, and powerful therapy tools out there to achieve real, and lasting change; Jeff Harding in Hawaii who shape-shifts our aspirations, and ideas into all things web based. Oh, and Skype for keeping me, and all of my key people painlessly in the loop.

Tell us about your business journey: A background in journalism followed by visual effects production left me pretty unemployable at the grand old age of forty-five.  I’m grateful for my husband who encouraged me to take time out to find out what my passion really is, and here I am thirteen years later a full time therapist, and writer finally doing the work I love.

Whats your biggest achievement: Leaving my home town of Birmingham, and coming to London for a weekend when I was twenty-one, and never, ever going back. Leaving my disastrous first marriage with our five year old son, and still not going back.  I love living in London, and in particular SE London has been very good to me, and mine. It’s our adopted home for sure.

If you have one piece of advice for someone just starting out what would it be: The universe favours those that take action. Just do it!

Who inspires you? My clients who have often overcome trauma, or unhappiness who dig deep within themselves to discover their own abilities to thrive. Especially the ones who end the destructive cycle of their own up bringing to go on to live productive lives full of love, and happiness.

What makes your business stand out amongst others: I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and wrong turns in my life so I’m not hung up on being perfect which I think is a good thing when working with clients who are struggling to find their own way in an imperfect world.

What is your vision for the next 3 years for your business: To see our books top the New York Times best seller list, and to have our therapeutic approach to stop emotional eating adopted by leading weight loss organisations, and international medical institutions as they finally acknowledge that being over weight is never simply just about food, or a lack of will-power.

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