Workout of the Week – ‘Max out’

9 Minute workout

Males 24kg and females 16kg (scale as needed).

Count your reps and add on your reps from each round to have a final number. After a run is complete, kettlebells are cleaned off the ground and push presses commence. You may not put the kettlebells down and then clean them back up again. Once the kettlebells are placed down, you rest and wait for the next 3 min set to start.

3 x 3min

400m run

– then

Max double push presses


Matty – 18kg 47reps 50reps

Laura R – 8kg 26reps, 10kg 22reps

Kirsty L – 16kg 37reps, 42reps, 44reps

Erica – 12kg 45reps

Zoe – 12kg 30reps

Kate – 8kg 36reps, 50reps

Kirsty R – 14kg 19reps

Liz – 10kg 29reps

Sunita – 6kg 30reps

Dennis – 20kg 45reps

Nick – 14kg 50reps

Line – 12kg 26reps

Somya – 6kg 70reps

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