WOW – W/C 23rd Feb 2015 ‘Snatch-a-Rama’

This is a kettlebell snatch workout developed by my friend Milo, he’s strong and pretty awesome!

Ladies working on a 16kg and men working on a 24kg. Scale as needed.

This is a 12min workout.  The kettlebell may only switch hands once during the 12min set. Each snatch much be completely locked out above your head for the rep to count. The kettlebell can not be rested in the rack position at any point. If you choose to put the kettlebell down, there is a 5 burpee penalty.

Count your reps!

Steve 18kg 114reps
Luigi 20kg 76reps
Matty 18kg 120reps
Nicky 12kg 126reps
Ceri 8kg 125reps
Zoe 10kg 120reps
Freya 10kg 90reps
Ezgi 12kg 92reps
Kirsty 16kg 140reps



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