Be Strong!

How strong should a woman be?

As a woman who is an ambassador of strength, I have a mission to help other women see that they can be strong.

Those of you that train with WWWUK know that kettlebells are not only one of the best pieces of kit to get you in tip top shape but they also are a great tool to use to get ridiculously strong.



Coach Karen Smith, Senior SFG talks about the standards for women when using kettlebells.

‘StrongFirst sets strength standards that are achievable with practice and consistent training. A woman attending SFG Level I will need to Military Press (strict press) two 16kg kettlebells for 5 reps (if weighing over 58kg). Women who choose to advance to SFG Level II will need to meet our standard 1/3 bodyweight single arm military press. In my opinion, a strong woman should also be able to do a pull-up, and deadlift at least 1-1.5x her body weight. Women can be very strong, so stop making excuses and start lifting something heavy!’


Tips for women:

• Don’t FEAR bulking, it is not going to happen!
• Find a Trainer/Instructor who understands STRENGTH program design.
• Set a Strength GOAL!
• Strength gains come from low reps and heavy weights.
• Get use to longer rest periods between heavy sets.
• Get on the pull-up bar OFTEN!
• Find other women who are serious about getting strong.
• Find a trainer who inspires you and lives what they preaches regarding strength.
• Stop making excuses!
• Think of your strength training as a never-ending journey.
• Age should not limit you from starting strength training.
• Do not let fear of failure keep you from trying.

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