There are no special formulas or magic pills here. We promote a healthy wholesome lifestyle and believe that all new mums will benefit from our program. Join us and see for yourself in our warm and welcoming environment.

Who its for

MumStrong workouts are for women only. These sessions are for women of all fitness levels. Most women attending are local mums who are getting back into fitness and looking to try something different.

What to expect

We follow a strength based program because we believe that strength is key in life. Strong bodies are capable bodies. We want to educate women on the benefits of training and how it impacts their life.

What to bring

Comfy gym clothes and water. Children may attend and are solely your responsibility. Please bring something for them to do while they are at the gym eg. Book, snack, toy. Children may not play on equipment.

Monthly unlimited group sessions

$110 Book now

10 session Pass

$150 Book now

Take another challenge...

Group sessions

Aimed at challenging all abilities in an encouraging environment. When you’re strong, daily life becomes eaiser and… Group sessions are FUN!


Great for increasing your overall level of fitness, regardless of ability. These session are faster paced with energetic workouts.


High Intensity Interval Training is a popular session for a good sweat and getting the heart rate up! All levels and abilities welcome