Let it all out, we dare you. Join us for a ‘boxing for fitness’ style session aimed at ALL fitness levels.

Who its for

We welcome all fitness abilities. If you need an extra challenge to support your current fitness plan, or just want to try something different, these fun and sociable sessions are sure to get the adrenalin going.

What to expect

Box-mania promises strength and conditioning work, boxing technique and punch combinations. No real fighting here ladies, just an opportunity to train hard and come out swinging!

What to bring

Wear comfortable trainers, a sports bra and comfortable gym clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Water and a small snack plus any medication you may require is a good idea too.

Monthly unlimited group sessions

$110 Book now

10 session Pass

$150 Book now

Take another challenge...


There are no special formulas or magic pills here. We promote a healthy wholesome lifestyle and believe that all new mums will benefit from our program.

Strength & Movement

A sedentary lifestyle, a plateau in your training or simply finding it difficult to stay motivated? Give. This. A. Go.


Our sessions will exert your cardiovascular system and increase your heart rate. Great for increasing your overall level of fitness.